Drought Resistance · Shrub

Taxus x media

Scientific name: Taxus x media Family: TAXACEAE Common names: “Yew” “Anglojap yew” Plant Type: Evergreen conifer shrub Conditions: Zone: 4-7 Light: Full sun – deep shade Exposure: Sheltered from drying winds Soil: Fertile – sandy loam Moisture: Well drained, will not tolerate wet soils, handles some drought Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 8-15′ W 5-10′ Leaf and Stem shape: Branches with spreading,… Continue reading Taxus x media

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Iris germanica

Scientific name: Iris germanica Synonym: Iris mesopotamica, Iris ‘Florentina’ blue Family: IRIDACEAE Common names: “bearded iris” “common German flag” “common iris” “orris root” Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Conditions: Zone: 3-10 Light: Full sun Exposure: Sheltered Soil:Alkaline, sandy loam, doesn’t like clay Moisture: Well drained, dry, needs to dry out in the summer Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 2-3′ W 1-2′ Leaf and… Continue reading Iris germanica

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Cynara cardunculus

Scientific name: Cynara cardunculus Synonym: Cynara cardunculus Cardoon Family: ASTERACEAE Common names: “globe artichoke” “cardoon” “prickly artichoke” Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Conditions: Zone: 7-9 Light: Full sun, will not grow in shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Fertile soil with good mulch Moisture: Moist well drained, tolerant of some drought Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 3-6′ W 2-3′ Leaf and Stem shape: Clumps of… Continue reading Cynara cardunculus

Drought Resistance · Tree

Acer negundo ‘Variegatum’

Scientific name: Acer negundo ‘Variegatum’ Family: SAPINDACEAE Common names: “Manitoba maple” “Variegated box elder” “Ash-leaf maple” “Boxelder maple” Plant Type: Deciduous tree Conditions: Zone: 2-10 Light: Full sun best Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Average – poor soils Moisture: Moist well drained, handles poor drainage in full sun, drought tolerant Aesthetic: Plant Size: 30-50′ H & W Leaf and Stem… Continue reading Acer negundo ‘Variegatum’

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Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’

Scientific name: Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’ Synonym: Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’ Family: POACEAE Common names: “Japanese blood grass” “Cogon grass” ” Plant Type: Deciduous perennial grass Conditions: Zone: 5-9 Light: Full sun – part shade, will grow in full shade Exposure: Sheltered or exposed Soil: Average, enjoys fertile humus rich, handles clay and poor soils Moisture: Moist well drained, drought tolerant… Continue reading Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’

Cactus · Drought Resistance · Succulent

Lophophora williamsii

Scientific name: Lophophora williamsii Synonym: Ariocarpus williamsii, Echinocactus lewinii,  Echinocactus williamsii, Lophophora texana, Peyoti zacatensis Family: CACTACEAE Common names: “Peyote” Plant Type: Evergreen succulent spineless cactus Conditions: Zone: 10-11 Light: Full sun Exposure: Sheltered from cold, exposed to heat and sun Soil: Alkaline cactus mix with additional perlite, or make a perlite pete potting soil mix… Continue reading Lophophora williamsii

Annual · Drought Resistance · Vancouver Island Native

Matricaria discoidea

Scientific name: Matricaria discoidea Family: ASTERACEAE Common names: “Pineapple weed” “disk mayweed” Plant Type: Annual Conditions: Zone: 6-9 Light: Full sun Exposure: Exposed Soil: Rocky soil -gravel driveways and concrete cracks, tolerates compacted clay soil, doesn’t do well in cultivated fertile soils Moisture: Average – dry Aesthetic: Plant Size: 3-12″ H & W Leaf and Stem shape: Deeply divided into… Continue reading Matricaria discoidea