Taxus x media

Scientific name: Taxus media


Common names: “Yew” “Anglojap yew”

Plant Type: Evergreen conifer shrub


Zone: 4-7

Light: Full sun – deep shade

Exposure: Sheltered from drying winds

Soil: Fertile – sandy loam

Moisture: Well drained, will not tolerate wet soils, handles some drought


Image result for taxus x media

Plant Size: H 8-15′ W 5-10′

Leaf and Stem shape: Branches with spreading, glossy mid-green, spine-tipped leavesImage result for taxus x media

Flower: Conspicuous fleshy red arils surrounding the solitary seeds on female plants

Pruning: Handles being cut back anywhere, can be pruned back hard if necessary, requires no regular pruning

Maintenance: Low

Landscape use: Hedges and screens

Propagate: By cuttings or grafting

Pests & Disease: Nothing serious, root rot in poorly drained sites, deer will eat

Comments: Hybridized from T. baccata with T. cuspidata T. media has the ornamental properties of the English yew combined with the winter hardiness of the Japanese

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