Aloe spp. & cvs’.

Scientific name: Aloe spp. & cvs’.


Common names: “Aloe”

Plant Type: Evergreen succulent perennial


Zone: 9+

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Sandy loam

Moisture: Well drained, drought tolerant


Image result for aloe vera

Plant Size: H & W 5″ – 20′

Leaf and Stem shape: Fleshy succulent leaves with soft spikes along the edges

Flower: Spires of tall orange – yellow tubular flowers

Maintenance: Low, harvest lower leaves as needed

Landscape use: House plant, succulent garden, hot rockery

Propagate: By division usually, sometimes seed and cuttings

Pests & Disease: Problems with cold and wet conditions

Comments: A. vera has been used for skin lotions and the gel has a cooling effect when applied to the skin, very good for sunburns, when eaten it is a laxative, but the juice is promoted as a healthy beverage

Aloe Dwarf cultivars – 2-5″ H & W, miniature indoor container plants

A. arborescens 

Aloe ‘Blue Elf’ – zone 8+, slender blue grey leaves,Related image

A. dorotheae – “Sunset aloe” – zone 9+, glossy bright red leaves in the sun, Tanzania nativeImage result for aloe dorotheae

A. brevifolia – “Shortleaf aloe” – zone 9+,Image result for aloe brevifolia

A. ferox – “Cape aloe” – zone 8+, 6′ H , South Africa nativeImage result for aloe ferox

A. hemmingii – “Mosaic aloe” – zone 10+, 6″ W, very showyImage result for aloe hemmingii

Aloe ‘Hercules’ – H 20′, zone 9+, small tree aloeImage result for aloe hercules

A. humilis – “Spider aloe” – zone 8+, textured spiky blue-green foliageImage result for aloe humilis

A. nobilis – “Gold toothed aloe” – zone 8+, similar to A. brevifoliaImage result for aloe nobilis

A. plicatilis – “Fan aloe” – zone 9+, unique among aloes for its fan shaped leaf arrangement

Image result for aloe plicatilis

A. polyphyllaImage result for aloe polyphylla

A. speciosa – “Tilt-head aloe” – zone 9+, 8′ H, tree-like, large flowersImage result for aloe speciosa

A. striataImage result for aloe striata

A. vanbalenii – zone 9+, 1-2′ H 2-4′ W, yellow orange flowersImage result for aloe vanbalenii

A. variegata – zone 8+, 1′ H,Related image

Aloe vera – “True aloe” Image result for aloe vera


2 thoughts on “Aloe spp. & cvs’.

  1. Keep in mind that Aloe aristata was recently available from nurseries. It is considered cold hardy in our region with some overhead protection.


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