Nymphaea spp. & cvs.

Scientific name: Nymphaea spp. & cvs. Family: NYMPHACEAE Common names: "Water lily" "lotus" Plant Type: Aquatic perennial Conditions: Zone: 3 - 12 Light: Full sun best - part shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Loamy clay Moisture: Submerged in still or slow moving water Aesthetic: Plant Size: H & W 3-8' Leaf and Stem shape: Floating, rounded leaves Flower: White flowers … Continue reading Nymphaea spp. & cvs.


Lysichiton americanus

Scientific name: Lysichiton americanus Synonym: Lysichitum americanum Family: ARACEAE Common names: "Skunk cabbage" "yellow skunk cabbage" "American skunk cabbage" "western skunk cabbage" Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial, marginal aquatic Conditions: Zone: 7 Light: Part shade, rarely flowers in dense shade, can take full sun with lots of moisture Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Fertile, humus-rich loam at pool margins … Continue reading Lysichiton americanus

Sagittaria latifolia

Scientific name: Sagittaria latifolia Family: ALISMATACEAE Common names: "Duck potato" "North American arrowhead" "broadleaf arrowhead" "wapato" Plant Type: Marginal aquatic up to 12", herbaceous perennial Conditions: Zone: 5 - 10 Light: Full sun Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Mud Moisture: Wet soil - shallow still water Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 1-4' W 1-3' Leaf and Stem shape: Arrowhead-shaped leaves Flower: Three-petaled white flowers … Continue reading Sagittaria latifolia

Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’

Scientific name: Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' Synonym: Juncus effusus f. spiralis , Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' dwarf , Scirpus lacustris 'Spiralis' Family: JUNCACEAE Common names: "Corkscrew rush" Plant Type: Evergreen perennial Conditions: Zone: 6-9 Light: Full sun - semi-shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Acidic, heavy soils Moisture: Moist - wet, handles 1-3" of water Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 18" W 2' Leaf and Stem shape: … Continue reading Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Scientific name: Zantedeschia aethiopica Synonym: Brosimum aethiopica Calla aethiopica Family: ARACEAE Common names: "Common Calla lily" "Arum lily" "African lily" "altar lily" "Egyptian lily" "lily of the Nile" "trumpet lily" Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Conditions: Zone: 8-10 Light: Full sun best, fewer flowers in shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: fertile, grows well in clay loam Moisture: Moist - wet , … Continue reading Zantedeschia aethiopica

Darmera peltata

Scientific name: Darmera peltata Synonym: Darmera peltata 'Umbrella Plant' , Peltiphyllum peltatum Family: SAXIFRAGACEAE Common names: "umbrella plant" "Indian rhubarb" "giant cup" Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Conditions: Zone: 4-8 Light: Full sun - part shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Moist boggy soil, not fussy, tolerates clay Moisture: Moist - wet, marginal aquatic Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 4-5' W 3-4' … Continue reading Darmera peltata

Caltha palustris

Scientific name: Caltha palustris Synonym: Caltha cornuta Family: RANUNCULACEAE Common names: "Marsh marigold" "Kingcup""Boots" "Brave bassinets" "Bull flower" "Cow lily" "Crazy Beth" "Crowfoot" "Drunkards" "Goldes" "Golds" "Goldings" "Gools" "Horse blob" "May blob" "Mare blob" "Marybuds" "Meadow-bright" "Meadow buttercup" "Meadow cowslip" "Meadow gowan" "Publican's cloak" "Publicans-and-sinners" "Soldier's buttons" "Water boots" "Water buttercup" "Water cowslip" "Water dragon" "Water goggles" … Continue reading Caltha palustris