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Iris germanica

Scientific name: Iris germanica Synonym: Iris mesopotamica, Iris ‘Florentina’ blue Family: IRIDACEAE Common names: “bearded iris” “common German flag” “common iris” “orris root” Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Conditions: Zone: 3-10 Light: Full sun Exposure: Sheltered Soil:Alkaline, sandy loam, doesn’t like clay Moisture: Well drained, dry, needs to dry out in the summer Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 2-3′ W 1-2′ Leaf and… Continue reading Iris germanica

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Ilex aquifolium

Scientific name: Ilex aquifolium Family: AQUIFOLIACEAE Common names: “Holly” “English holly” “holm” “hulst” “hulver” Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen shrub or tree Conditions: Zone: 7-9 Light: Full sun – partial shade, less fruit in deeper shade Exposure: Exposed or sheltered Soil: Acidic humus rich soil Moisture: Evenly moist well drained Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 30-50′ W 15-25′… Continue reading Ilex aquifolium

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Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’

Scientific name: Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’ Synonym: Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’ Family: POACEAE Common names: “Japanese blood grass” “Cogon grass” ” Plant Type: Deciduous perennial grass Conditions: Zone: 5-9 Light: Full sun – part shade, will grow in full shade Exposure: Sheltered or exposed Soil: Average, enjoys fertile humus rich, handles clay and poor soils Moisture: Moist well drained, drought tolerant… Continue reading Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’

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Sciadopitys verticillata

Scientific name: Sciadopitys verticillata Family: SCIADOPITYACEAE Common names: “Koyamaki” “Japanese umbrella pine” “parasol pine” Plant Type: Conifer tree Conditions: Zone: 5-8 Light: Full sun – part shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Acidic – neutral Moisture: Moist well drained Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 60′ W 12-24′ , slow growing Leaf and Stem shape: Dense whorls of dark green, linear leaves… Continue reading Sciadopitys verticillata

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Salix purpurea

Scientific name: Salix purpurea Synonym: Salix purpurea ‘Helix’ Family: SALICACEAE Common names: “Purple osier willow” “bitter willow” “basket willow” Plant Type: Deciduous, shrub or small tree Conditions: Zone: 5-10 Light: Full sun best- part shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Deep, fertile – average Moisture: Moist – wet, handles poor drainage Aesthetic: Plant Size: ‘ H 12′-24 W 8′-12’ Leaf and… Continue reading Salix purpurea

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Muscari armeniacum

Scientific name: Muscari armeniacum Synonym: Muscari colchicum, Muscari cyaneo-violaceum, Muscari polyanthum, Muscari steupii, Muscari svovitzianum, Muscari szovitsianum Family: ASPARAGACEAE Common names: “Armenian grape hyacinth” “blue bells” Plant Type: Bulb Conditions: Zone: 4-8 Light: Full sun – part shade Exposure: Exposed or Sheltered Soil: Average, handles clay Moisture: Moist well drained Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 6-9″ W 3-6″ Leaf and Stem shape: Narrow, arching… Continue reading Muscari armeniacum

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Aconitum napellus

Scientific name: Aconitum napellus Family: RANUNCULACEAE Common names: “Monkshood” “wolfsbane” “Adam and Eve” “bear’s foot” “common aconite” “common monk’s cowl” “Cupid’s cap” “flapdock” “grandmother’s nightcap” “friar’s cap” “Helen’s flower” “helmet flower” Plant Type: Herbaceous tuberous perennial Conditions: Zone: 3-8 Light: Partial shade, tolerates more sun with good moisure Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Organically fertile acidic soils, enjoys… Continue reading Aconitum napellus