Iris germanica

Scientific name: Iris germanica

Synonym: Iris mesopotamicaIris ‘Florentina’ blue


Common names: “bearded iris” “common German flag” “common iris” “orris root”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial


Zone: 3-10

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil:Alkaline, sandy loam, doesn’t like clay

Moisture: Well drained, dry, needs to dry out in the summer


Image result for iris germanica

Plant Size: H 2-3′ W 1-2′

Leaf and Stem shape: Grey-green linear leaves Image result for iris germanica

Flower: Fragrant flowers with bluish-violet standards and falls, with yellow beards

Maintenance: Low, cut out flowered stems when finished, dead leaves can be pulled out gently, avoid covering the rhizomes with soil or mulch, when planting leave the tops exposed and stake them in place with chopsticks, divide every 4 years or when the clump starts to grow in an O shape

Landscape use: Mediterranean garden, flower beds, cut flowers

Propagate: By division

Pests & Disease: Slugs, snails and rots will quickly take over if too wet

*Deer resistant, Attracts hummingbirds

Comments: Plants will spread around the flower bed if happy and can be a bit thugish with the more tender flowers, but not so bad as they are easily dug up and divided or removed, native to the eastern Mediterranean area

Cultivars: ~AGM winner: I. g. ‘Florentina’ – source of orris root used in perfumery

I. g. ‘Edith Wolford’ – completely yellow standards with purple falls

Image result for iris germanica edith wolford


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