Pinus mugo var. mugo

Scientific name: Pinus mugo var. mugo


Common names: “Mugo pine” “Swiss mountain pine” “dwarf pine” “drooping cone pine”

Plant Type: Evergreen conifer shrub


Zone: 3-7

Light: Full sun best

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered

Soil: Average

Moisture: Well drained – drought tolerant


Image result for pinus mugo var mugo

Plant Size: H 8′ W 15′

Leaf and Stem shape: Dark green needles in bundles of 2-3-5

Cone: Dark brown, ovoid female conesImage result for pinus mugo var mugo

Pruning: Shorten or shear back candles in March

Maintenance: Low, candle prune to maintain size and dense form

Landscape use: Flower borders and beds, informal garden, woodland garden

Propagate: By grafting

Pests & Disease: Generally healthy

Comments: Large variation of sizes, cuttings taken from the top of the tree will generally be taller than those taken from lower branches, choose named cultivars for specific height needs

Cultivars: P. m ‘Mops’ – smallest one, hard to find ~AGM winner

Image result for pinus mugo var mugo


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