Ranunculus repens

Scientific name: Ranunculus repens


Common names: “Creeping buttercup”

Perennial invasive weed, semi-evergreen

Root system: Fibrous


Soil: Acidic soil

Moisture: Poorly drained – wet – moist, doesn’t grow in dry well drained areas

Light: Full sun

Location: Lawns. garden beds


Leaf and Stem shape: 3 leaflets, often with white spots

Flower: Shiny yellow with 5 waxy petals

Propagates: By seed and stolons

Comments: Good indicator plant, indicates wet sites with poor drainage, longer stolons indicate nitrogen deficient soil, leaves toxic to grazing animals unless cured in hay, plants deplete potassium in soil, 1 plant can spread 40² ft. and the seeds can survive up to 80 years, seriously persistent!


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