Iris unguicularis

Scientific name: Iris unguicularis

Synonym: Iris stylosa


Common names: “Winter iris” “Algerian iris”

Plant Type: Evergreen rhizomatous perennial


Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Alkaline – neutral well drained soil, grows well in poor soils, fertile soils will produce more foliage but less flowers

Moisture: Can tolerate dry summers under trees


Plant Size: H 12-18″ W 18-24″

Leaf and Stem shape: tough grass-like leaves

Flower: Six petals alternating upright and drooping, colour can range from deep violet to white, central band of yellow with white flecks on the falls

Pruning:  N/A

Maintenance: Groom out dead leaves in fall

Landscape use: Banks and slopes, mixed flower borders, under trees, south facing walls

Propagate: by division, divide rarely in early fall to allow the roots to re-establish in wetter conditions

Pests & Disease: Slugs and snails will eat the flowers, if in poorly drained soil can get rot and grey mold

*Deer & Rabbit resistant

Comments: Strong fragrance, leaves and buds frost resistant but not the flowers, contains toxic substance which can cause severe discomfort if ingested


Iris unguicularis ‘Mary Barnard’ ~AGM winner

Iris unguicularis ‘Abington Purple’

Algerian iris 'Mary Barnard'


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