Pachysandra terminalis

Scientific name: Pachysandra terminalis


Common names: “Japanese spurge” “Pachysandra”

Plant Type: Evergreen subshrub / groundcover


Zone: 4-8

Light: Deep – dappled shade, chlorotic in sun

Exposure: Sheltered or exposed

Soil: Humus rich, acidic soil

Moisture: Moist well drained


Japanese spurge

Plant Size: H 12″ in deep shade 6″ in part sun W groundcover

Leaf and Stem shape: Wide mat of toothed, glossy green leaves

Flower: Stubby spikes of small white flowers in early summer, fragrant

Pruning: Prune out only broken and dead stems, shoots out after pruning

Maintenance: Low

Landscape use: Flower beds, groundcover, coastal

Propagate: Cuttings, division

Pests & Disease: Leaf & stem fungus may cause problems

*Deer resistant

Comments: Competes out tree roots, invasive in moist soil, can be a real thug, not recommended

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: P. t. ‘Variegata’ , P. t. ‘Green Sheen’


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