cucurbita pepo

Scientific name: Cucurbita pepo


Common names: “Summer squash” “field pumpkin” “zucchini”

Plant Type: Annual vine


Zone: 2-11

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Fertile heavily amended soil, cow manure, heavy feeders

Moisture: Moist well drained


Plant Size: H 1-2′ W 2-4′

Flower: Large yellow edible flower

Maintenance: Low, fertilize well, avoid overhead watering and splashing all the leaves

Landscape use: Veggie garden

Propagate: By seed easily, can be grown for harvest in as quickly as 50 days.

Pests & Disease: Powdery mildew and blossom end rot are common

Comments: Native to Mexico

Cultivars: Some summer squash varieties include: crookneck (var. torticollia), straightneck (var. recticollis), scallop (var. clypeata), vegetable marrow (var. fastigata), cocozzelle (var. inoga) and zucchini (var. cylindrica), but also contains several notable winter squashes including pumpkin (var. pepo) and acorn (var. turbinata)


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