Ilex aquifolium

Scientific name: Ilex aquifolium


Common names: “Holly” “English holly” “holm” “hulst” “hulver”

Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen shrub or tree


Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun – partial shade, less fruit in deeper shade

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered

Soil: Acidic humus rich soil

Moisture: Evenly moist well drained


Plant Size: H 30-50′ W 15-25′

Leaf and Stem shape: Dark, glossy green, strongly spiny leaves

Flower: Small dull white flowers, followed by bright red berries only on pollinated Image result for ilex aquifoliumfemale plants

Pruning: Prune in winter, cut back to shape as necessary, will regrow from a stump if coppiced, lightly trim hedges once a year or every other year

Maintenance: Low – zero, constant leaf drop and fruits can be a bit messy

Landscape use: Hedges and screens, winter interest

Propagate: By seed and cuttings

Pests & Disease: Leaf miners and scale

*Attracts birds, Deer resistant

Comments: Considered invasive in some parts, has naturalized in the Pacific Northwest, only female plants have berries and require 1 male plant per 10-20 females for sufficient pollination

Image result for ilex aquifolium


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