Rubus armeniacus

Scientific name: Rubus armeniacus

Synonym: R. discolor, R. procerus


Common names: “Himalayan blackberry”

Perennial or subshrub, often biennial, invasive weed

Root system: Fibrous with spreading horizontal roots


Soil: Any average – fertile humusy soil

Moisture:  Requires good moisture, moist but well drained

Light: Full sun – light shade

Location: Stream and river banks, grows in ditches along roads


Image result for rubus armeniacus

Leaf and Stem shape: Dentate leaves with spiny undersides on spine covered canes

Flower: Small white blossoms followed by green – red – black berriesImage result for rubus armeniacus

Zone: 6

Landscape use: Wildlife thicket, brambles, wastelands

Pests & Disease: None

Comments: Grows fast from any small piece of root, produce delicious edible black berries used to make jams and wine

Image result for rubus armeniacus


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