Anthriscus sylvestris

Scientific name: Anthriscus sylvestris


Common names: “Queen Anne’s lace” “cow parsley” “deil’s meal” “keck” “mock chervil” “wild chervil”

Plant Type: Biennial or short lived perennial


Zone: 6-9

Light: Full sun – part shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Average, tolerates clay

Moisture: Evenly moist – well drained, doesn’t like drought


Image result for anthriscus sylvestris

Plant Size: H 3-5′ W 1-3′

Leaf and Stem shape: Pinnate leaves with lace-like leaflets

Flower: Umbels of small white flowers in summerImage result for anthriscus sylvestris

Maintenance: Low – medium, will grow back from a coppice, deadhead to prevent prolific self seeding

Landscape use: Wildflower meadows, wildlife garden

Propagate: By seed

Pests & Disease: Slugs and snails maybe

*Deer resistant, Attracts beneficial insects

Comments: Quite attractive but invasive, regionally controlled noxious weed in BC, native to England

Cultivars:  A. s. ‘Ravenswing’ – Crimson-black leaves, self seeds about

Image result for anthriscus sylvestris


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