Abutilon spp. & cvs

Scientific name: Abutilon spp. & cvs.


Common names: “Flowering maple” “Abutilon”

Plant Type: Tropical evergreen or deciduous shrub, perennial or annual


Zone: 9-10

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Acidic sandy loam

Moisture: Moist well drained


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Plant Size: 2-9′ H & W

Leaf and Stem shape: Simple or palmately lobed leaves

Flower: Bell-shaped or bowl-shaped flowers often with conspicuous stamensRelated image

Pruning: Little pruning required once established, can be trained as a climber or a standard

Maintenance: High, needs a trellis or something to grow up, overwinter indoors as frost will kill it, may benefit from a high phosphorus fertilizer before bloom

Landscape use: House plant, tropical greenhouse, summer display, container

Propagate: By seed and cuttings

Pests & Disease: May be attacked by spider mites, mealybugs, whitefly or scale insects

♥Attracts hummingbirds

Comments: Incredibly showy flowers, excellent thriller

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: A. ‘Orange Glow’ , A. ‘Cannington Carol’ , A. ‘Cannington Peter’ , A. ‘Linda Vista Peach’ , A. ‘Savitzii’ , A. ‘Canary Bird’ , A. ‘Kentish Belle’ , A. ‘Marion’ , A. ‘Nabob’ , A. ‘Souvenir de Bonn’ , A. suntense ‘Jermyns’ , A. megapotamicum ,  A. vitifolium ‘Veronica Tennant’ , A. vitifolium ‘Tennant’s White’ , A. milleri , A. pictum ‘Thompsonii’

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