Grevillea victoriae

Scientific name: Grevillea victoriae


Common names: “Royal grevillea”

Plant Type: Evergreen shrub


Zone: 7-10

Light: Full sun best

Exposure: Sheltered, tolerates wind, enjoys heat

Soil: Acidic, prefers less fertile sandy soil, avoid high phosphorus fertilizers

Moisture: Well drained, drought tolerant once established


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Plant Size: 6-10′ H & W , fast growing

Leaf and Stem shape: Simple grey-green leathery leaves

Flower: Orange-red flowers in drooping clusters in late winter-early spring

Pruning: Cut back after bloom in early spring to maintain size if necessary, little pruning is needed to keep it looking good, light tip pruning while the plant is young can  keep it dense and bushy

Maintenance: Low, no fertilizer

Landscape use: Hedge, screen , mixed shrub border, wildlife garden

Propagate: By cuttings and grafting

Pests & Disease: Generally healthy, suffers in cold wet

*Deer resistant

♥Attracts hummingbirds & butterflies

Comments: Native to Australia

Cultivars: G. v. ‘Murray Valley Queen’ – abundant flower show

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One thought on “Grevillea victoriae

  1. Hi, I love how drought tolerant and fast growing grevillea is. However it wasn’t happy with the snow and cold last winter which snapped off a number of branches right at the base. It is now April and it is still blooming. Is it too late to cut it back to reshape it?


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