Melissa officinalis

Scientific name: Melissa officinalis


Common names: “Lemon balm” “balm leaf” “balm oil plant” “barm leaf” “bee balm” “dropsywort” “honey plant” “pimentary” “sweet balm” “sweet Mary” “tea balm”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial


Zone: 3-8

Light: Full sun – part shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Average, tolerates clay

Moisture: Well drained, dry – medium, enjoys some moisture but not excessive winter wet


Image result for melissa officinalis

Plant Size: H 1-2′ W 1-3′

Leaf and Stem shape: Broadly ovate, lemon-scented leaves with scalloped edges

Flower: Leafy spikes of creamy-white or pale purple flowers in summerImage result for melissa officinalis

Maintenance: Low – zero, harvest young leaves before they become too fuzzy,

Landscape use: Herb gardens, border fronts, groundcover, containers

Propagate: By seed and division, self sows

Pests & Disease: Nothing serious

*Deer tolerant

Comments: Very easy to grow and maintain, usually forms a nice bush from which leaves can be harvested but in the Pacific Northwest it can be an aggressive grower

Image result for melissa officinalis


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