Apios americana

Scientific name: Apios americana

Synonym: Apios tuberosa


Common names: “Groundnut” “potato bean” “hopniss” “Indian potato” “America-hodoimo” “cinnamon vine”

Plant Type: Herbaceous vine


Zone: 3-10

Light: Full sun – light shade

Exposure: Sheltered, best with some support

Soil: Average – poor

Moisture: Moist well drained


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Plant Size: H 4-8′ W indefinite

Leaf and Stem shape: Pinnate leaves composed of an odd number of simple leaves ovate-lanceolate leaflets

Flower: Fragrant conical racemes of maroon and cream, pea-like flowersImage result for apios americana

Maintenance: Low – high, low if growing in a contained space as a food crop, high if it is unwanted in the garden and needs to be removed

Landscape use: Container, woodland garden, edible

Propagate: By seed and division

Pests & Disease: Nothing serious

Attracts beneficial insects

Comments: Nitrogen fixer, produces edible tubers which taste similar to sweet potato, native to Texas, can be invasive and troublesome if allowed to grow freely among the garden, it is recommended that this is contained and not allowed to spread into cultivated flower beds

Image result for apios americana


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