Maianthemum racemosum

Scientific name: Maianthemum racemosum

Synonym: Smilacina racemosa


Common names: “False Solomon’s seal” false spikenard” “Solomon’s zigzag” “treacleberry”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial


Zone: 3-8

Light:Part sun – deep shade

Exposure: Sheltered, does not enjoy to much heat

Soil: Acidic – neutral, tolerant of some clay, rich humus rich

Moisture: Moist well drained – wet


Image result for smilacina racemosa

Plant Size: H 2-3′ W 1.5-2′

Leaf and Stem shape: Unbranched arching stems of alternate oval, pointed, light green leaves with parallel veins

Flower: Tiny, fragrant, creamy white flowers  in terminal, plumy racemes  in spring followed by greenish berries which turn an attractive ruby red in summerImage result for maianthemum racemosum

Maintenance: Low – zero, can be cut back in late fall or left to “melt”, roots resent disturbance

Landscape use: Native garden, naturalized woodland, wildlife garden, mixed border, near streams and ponds

Propagate: By seed and rhizomes

Pests & Disease: No serious problems

Comments: ~AGM winner, North American native plant, combines well with ferns and hostas, the young shoots can be eaten but closely resemble another highly toxic plant, the rhizomes have strong laxative properties

Cultivars: M. stellatum – looks similar but is slightly smaller and more slender

Image result for maianthemum racemosum


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