Ligustrum ‘Vicaryi’

Scientific name: Ligustrum ‘Vicaryi’

Synonym: Ligustrum vicaryi


Common names: “Vicary golden privet” “golden privet”

Plant Type: Semi-evergreen shrub


Zone: 6-8

Light: Full sun – part shade

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered

Soil: Average

Moisture: Average well drained


Image result for ligustrum vicaryi

Plant Size: H 8-10′ W

Leaf and Stem shape: Golden yellow leaves

Flower: Panicles of fragrant tubular-shaped, dull white flowers in late spring, followed by small, dark, berry-like fruitsImage result for ligustrum vicaryi

Pruning: Trimmed as a hedge or as a multi-stemmed tree, can be coppiced, best time is in May and August, prune out flowered wood right after bloom

Maintenance: Low – medium, regular trimming may affect the quality of the golden colour so it might be better grown as a specimen than a clipped hedge

Landscape use: Hedges and screens, wildlife garden, specimen

Propagate: By seed, cuttings and grafting

Pests & Disease: Nothing serious

♥Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

Comments: Grafted cultivars are very prone to reversion and should be carefully watched, common privet is on many invasive species lists in the USA

Image result for ligustrum vicaryi


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