Vaccinium ovatum

Scientific name: vaccinium ovatum


Common names: “Evergreen huckleberry”

Plant Type: Evergreen shrub


Zone: 6-9

Light: Full sun – deep shade

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered, tolerant of some salt spray

Soil: Needs high organic matter

Moisture: Must be well drained, drought tolerant once established


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Plant Size: H 4-8′ W 6′

Leaf and Stem shape: Alternate pointed oval shaped lathery sharply dentate leaves

Flower: Pink – white bell shaped flowers in clusters in leaf axils followed by dark blue edible berries which ripen in late autumn and stay on until DecemberImage result for vaccinium ovatum

Pruning: Minimal – none, best left alone, may not react well to a hard pruning

Maintenance: Low – zero, must have proper conditions

Landscape use: Woodland garden, understory plant, edible wildlife garden, coastal cottage

Propagate: By seed and cuttings

Pests & Disease: Generally healthy

*Deer resistant

Comments: Native to the Pacific Northwest, underused ornamental shrub, edible berries are prized by First Nations tribes around Vancouver island for their winter abundance, they are said to taste better after the first frost

Image result for vaccinium ovatum


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