Rudbeckia nitida ‘Herbstsonne’

Scientific name: Rudbeckia nitida ‘Herbstsonne’

Synonym: Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Herbstsonne’ , Rudbeckia AUTUMN SUN , & Rudbeckia ‘Autumn Sun’


Common names: “Autumn cone flower”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial


Zone: 5-9

Light: Full sun – part shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Moderately fertile, handles heavy clay soils

Moisture: Moist well drained


Image result for rudbeckia nitida 'herbstsonne'

Plant Size: H 6-8′ W 2-3′

Leaf and Stem shape: Simple leaves

Flower: Branched stems bearing single flower-heads with golden-yellow rays and greenish-yellow diskImage result for rudbeckia nitida 'herbstsonne'

Maintenance: Medium, usually needs to be staked or tied up somehow, can be Chelsea chopped low in early June to make a shorter plant with smaller flowers, flowers leave attractive seed heads, deadhead to extend period in bloom, divide every 3-5 years

Landscape use: Cut flowers, flower borders, cottage, informal, prairie planting

Propagate: By division

Pests & Disease: Slugs will eat the new growth

Comments: ~AGM winner, with too much moisture and fertility they may grow too tall and flop over, very long lived plants, “gorgeous dramatic structure plant”

Image result for rudbeckia nitida 'herbstsonne'


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