Robinia pseudoacacia

Scientific name: Robinia pseudoacacia


Common names: “Black locust”

Plant Type: Deciduous tree


Zone: 4-9

Light: Full sun – part shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Any

Moisture: Must have well draining soil, can take drier conditions while established


Image result for robinia pseudoacacia

Plant Size: H 30-50′ W 20-35′

Leaf and Stem shape: Pinnate rounded green leaves turn yellow in autumn

Flower: Fragrant pendant racemes of pea-like flowersImage result for robinia pseudoacacia

Pruning: Tends to bleed in spring, prune in late winter or late summer, will return from a full coppice

Maintenance: Low, easy to grow

Landscape use: Generally not recommended for landscape use, however can be a good choice for difficult areas where nothing else will grow

Propagate: By seed and suckers

Pests & Disease: Problems include die-back, root rot, Armillaria  “honey fungus” , and Phytophthora root rot , susceptible to locust borer, saw fly, scale insects, caterpillars and weevils

*Flowers attract bees

Comments: On some invasive species lists, nitrogen fixer, considered weedy

Cultivars: R. p. ‘Twisty Baby’ – smaller with twisted branches leaves and flowers

Image result for robinia pseudoacacia


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