Clematis integrifolia

Scientific name: Clematis integrifolia


Common names: “Solitary clematis”

Plant Type: Herbaceous non-climbing vine


Zone: 3-7

Light: Full sun for the leaves, shade for the roots

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Humus rich soil

Moisture: Evenly moist well drained


Image result for clematis integrifolia

Plant Size: 2′ H & W

Leaf and Stem shape: Conspicuously-veined and sessile simple leaves

Flower: Solitary, nodding, urn-shaped, blue-violet flowers which develop into feathery decorative seed headsImage result for clematis integrifolia

Pruning: Prune low to ground leaving a few buds in February after threat of last frost has passed, give a good layer of mulch often

Maintenance: Plant 6″ deeper in soil than in pot for mature stems, tender stems need to harden off before they can root, may require staking

Landscape use: Mixed borders, flower garden, cottage garden, rock garden

Propagate: By division and basal cuttings

Pests & Disease: Stem rot and wilt can be fatal

Comments: Seed heads extend the interest with a Dr. Seuss look to them

Cultivars: C. i. ‘Rooguchii’ – excellent hybrid with cobalt blue flowers

Image result for clematis integrifolia


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