Carex marrowii ‘Ice Dance’

Scientific name: Carex marrowii ‘Ice Dance’

Synonym: Carex ‘Ice Dance’


Common names: “Sedge”

Plant Type: Evergreen perennial sedge


Zone: 5-9

Light: Part sun – full shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Most soils including clay

Moisture: Moist – wet but not submerged, well drained


Image result for carex morrowii 'ice dance'

Plant Size: H 9-12″ W 12-24″, slow-spreading

Leaf and Stem shape: Tufted mound of green, glossy leaves edged with white

Flower: Small, inconspicuous brown flower spikes appear in late springImage result for carex morrowii 'ice dance'

Maintenance: Medium, will look very nice for  couple years and then will start to turn brown and require grooming, do not cut them, only pull out brown leaves, generally require dividing every 3 years

Landscape use: Containers, rain gardens, erosion control, combinations with darker leaved hostas or hellebores

Propagate: By division

Pests & Disease: Pest and disease free

*Deer and rabbit resistant

Comments: Very interesting contrasting foliage colours, but the brown tips can detract from the aesthetic, for a tidier look choose Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’

Image result for carex morrowii 'ice dance'


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