Galium odoratum

Scientific name: Galium odoratum

Synonym: Asperula odorata


Common names: “Sweet woodruff” “hay plant” “kiss-me-quick” “mugwet” “rockweed

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial


Zone: 4-8

Light: Full sun – deep shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Any

Moisture: Prefers even moisture, less vigorous when dry


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Plant Size: H 6-12″ W rhizomes spread indefinitely

Leaf and Stem shape: Wide mat of erect stems bearing whorls of bright green, lance-shaped leaves, hay-scented when dry

Flower: Terminal clusters of small white, starry flowers from late springImage result for galium odoratum

Maintenance: High, requires cutting back to remove old foliage, self seeds

Landscape use: Flower borders, shrub and tree underplantings, woodland gardens, groundcover

Propagate: By seed and division

Pests & Disease: Generally healthy

*Deer and rabbit resistant

Comments: The only place this should be planted is in dry shade, otherwise it will be highly invasive and grow over everything else, can be quite attractive

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