Hesperantha coccinea

Scientific name: Hesperantha coccinea


Common names: “Crimson flag lily”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial , can be evergreen


Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun, grows in shadier spots but with less flowers

Exposure: Sheltered from cold drying winds

Soil: Moderately fertile soil

Moisture: Evenly moist through the growing season


Image result for hesperantha coccinea

Plant Size: H 12-24″ W 18-24″

Leaf and Stem shape: Forms a clump of erect, grassy foliage

Flower: Spikes of bowl-shaped scarlet flowers in autumnImage result for hesperantha coccinea

Maintenance: Medium, deadhead to prolong flowering and cut flowered stems when done, provide a protective mulch in the winter

Landscape use: Cottage garden, mixed border, filler, container, wallside flower bed

Propagate: By`division

Pests & Disease: No known

*Deer resistant?

Comments: Native to Zimbabwe and South Africa

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: H. c. ‘Jennifer’ , H. c. ‘Major’ , H. c. ‘Wilfred H. Bryant’ , H. c. ‘Sunrise’

Image result for hesperantha coccinea


5 thoughts on “Hesperantha coccinea

  1. Where can I find this ( Hesperantha coccinea ) in the lower mainland ? I’ve tried & nurseries don’t seem to have it ..or maybe a diffrent name ? I also tried ” Kafir Lily” …thanks for any help


  2. ignore my previous comment…I found ” Hesperantha coccinea” under a totally different latin name ” Clivia x miniata “…why do they change the names??? anyway thank you..didn’t want to waste anyones time.


    1. Thank you Martine, I’ve looked up Clivia x miniata and it appears to be a different plant with the same common name, I believe Hesperantha coccinea is still the name of this one… look for it at your local nursery in Spring. Where Clivia is only hardy to zone 9 so maybe it won’t survive our winter outside.


      1. thank you for your helpful reply….they need to stop doubling up the names & confusing everyone (lol)
        Happy Christmas to you .


  3. Hi Martine, I live mid-Island and late last summer I purchased a white (pale pink) form of Hesperantha coccinea, previously known as Schizostylis coccinea from KenDor Garden Center in Qualicum. Its common name, the Kaffir Lily, is not used anymore due to its negative and racist origins. I planted mine at the edge of a border, in full sun where it gets even moisture through the growing season. It has good drainage. It flowered well this fall/winter. I would love to have the red form or one of the others; there are some beautiful forms but are they available here? It’s leaves are narrow. Clivia x miniata has much broader thicker leaves and is commonly grown as a houseplant. Hope this helped.


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