Deer Resistant Plants! · Perennial

Hesperantha coccinea

Scientific name: Hesperantha coccinea


Common names: “Crimson flag lily”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial , can be evergreen


Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun, grows in shadier spots but with less flowers

Exposure: Sheltered from cold drying winds

Soil: Moderately fertile soil

Moisture: Evenly moist through the growing season


Image result for hesperantha coccinea

Plant Size: H 12-24″ W 18-24″

Leaf and Stem shape: Forms a clump of erect, grassy foliage

Flower: Spikes of bowl-shaped scarlet flowers in autumnImage result for hesperantha coccinea

Maintenance: Medium, deadhead to prolong flowering and cut flowered stems when done, provide a protective mulch in the winter

Landscape use: Cottage garden, mixed border, filler, container, wallside flower bed

Propagate: By`division

Pests & Disease: No known

*Deer resistant?

Comments: Native to Zimbabwe and South Africa

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: H. c. ‘Jennifer’ , H. c. ‘Major’ , H. c. ‘Wilfred H. Bryant’ , H. c. ‘Sunrise’

Image result for hesperantha coccinea


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