Dahlia spp. & cvs.

Scientific name: Dahlia spp. & cvs.


Common names: “Dahlia”

Plant Type: Herbaceous tuberous perennial


Zone: 8

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Fertile humus rich soil

Moisture: Moist-average well drained


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Plant Size: 3-4′ H & W

Leaf and Stem shape: Pinnately divided leaves

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Flower: Intense sometimes double flowerheads with flat or slightly incurved florets in a wide variety of shapes and colours, everything except blue

Maintenance: High, most require a protective mulch and staking (stake when planting as not to spear the tubers), for best results you have to dig up the tubers in the fall just after the frost kills the foliage, and overwinter them in a dry location, heavy feeders, benefits from regular fertilization

Landscape use: Cut flowers, flower borders, patio & container plants, bedding plant

Propagate: By cuttings and division, ensure tuber has a viable bud

Pests & Disease:Beetles, borers, red spiders, thrips, earwigs, cutworms, slugs, leaf miner, white fly

*Sometimes deer resistant

Comments: Very beautiful showy flowers but unfortunately most of the cultivars are scentless

Cultivars: There are thousands of different kinds.

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