Leycesteria formosa

Scientific name: Leycesteria formosa


Common names: “Himalayan honeysuckle” “Granny’s curls”

Plant Type: Deciduous shrub


Zone: 9-10

Light: Full sun best – partial shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Average – moderately fertile

Moisture: Well drained average moisture, more for bigger green leaves, in dry shade the stems and leaf-ribs turn red


Plant Size: H 8′ W 6′

Leaf and Stem shape: Erect sea-green stems bearing long-pointed, ovate leaves

Flower:  pendulous racemes of white flowers with showy red-purple bracts, followed by deep purple berries

Pruning: Prune in Spring, cut out any thin, weak growth and brown older stems, keep the strong thick green stems

Maintenance: Low, grows quickly, annual removal of 1/3, self sows seedlings

Landscape use: Wildlife garden, cottage, informal

Propagate: By seed and cuttings

Pests & Disease: None in Victoria

♥Attracts hummingbirds

Comments: Considered invasive in some regions


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