Cornus sericea

Scientific name: Cornus sericea

Synonym: Cornus stolonifera


Common names: “Red osier dogwood”

Plant Type: Deciduous shrub


Zone: 2-8

Light: Full sun for best colour – semi-shade

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered

Soil: Good fertile boggy – average

Moisture: Moist well drained


Plant Size: 12-15′ H & W

Leaf and Stem shape: Yellow-orange stems brightest in winter with lovate eaves turning red or orange in autumn

Flower: Small clusters of small off-white flowers followed by white berries

Pruning: Coppice low every 1 or 2 years in April after last frost

Maintenance: Low, regular pruning

Landscape use: Hedgerows, native garden, winter interest

Propagate: By suckering, stolons, cuttings

Pests & Disease: Generally healthy

Comments: Native to BC and much of North America

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: C. s. ‘Hedgerows Gold’ & ‘Flaviramea’


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