Agapanthus spp.

Scientific name: Agapanthus spp.


Common names: “Lily of the Nile” “African lily”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial in Victoria


Zone: 6-9 , 7-10 or 9-10

Light: Full sun for more flowers

Exposure: Sheltered from cold winds, south west facing site best

Soil: Rich fertile soil, with good compost

Moisture: Well drained, must have a dry site for the winter


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Plant Size: H 6″-5′ W 6″-3′

Leaf and Stem shape: Narrowly strap-shaped leaves, some species evergreen

Flower: Umbels of fragrant funnel-shaped blue or white flowersAfrican lily 'Lilliput'

Maintenance: Low, no need to cut back,  attractive seed heads extend interest, divide every 3-4 years

Landscape use: Cottage gardens, containers, flower beds

Propagate: By division

Pests & Disease: Generally healthy

Cultivars: Hundreds of species and cultivars, ~AGM winners: A. caulescens, A. campanulatus subsp. patens, A. ‘Loch Hope’

A. campanulatus – deciduous and generally hardier

A. ‘Headbourne Hybrids’ – strong grower to 30″ , whites and blues

A. ‘Peter Pan’ – compact, H 20″ W 24″

A. praecox – will be evergreen in warmer climates

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