Carex buchananii

Scientific name: Carex buchananii

Synonym: Carex ‘Buchanni’


Common names: “Leatherleaf sedge” “Curly sedge”

Plant Type: Evergreen perennial


Zone: 7-9

Light: Best in full sun, will flop over in too much shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Average

Moisture: Moist but not wet, well drained in winter, doesn’t like to dry out


Image result for carex buchananii

Plant Size: H 24″ W 12-18″

Leaf and Stem shape: Narrow, evergreen, orange-brown, arching leaves with curling tips

Flower: Brown flowering spikes in late summerImage result for carex buchananii

Maintenance: Low, can be groomed but usually doesn’t require cutting back

Landscape use: Mass planting, rain gardens, mixed borders, containers, gravel garden, prairie planting, coastal cottage

Propagate: By division and occasionally by seed

Pests & Disease: Aphids might do some damage

*Deer and Rabbit resistant

Comments: Generally short lived plants, will need to be replaced if used in a mass planting, even when they’re dead they still can look good since they look dead all the time, New Zealand native

Cultivars: C. b. ‘Red Rooster’ – most common, strong reddish tint, tends to be taller with curlier tips

Image result for carex buchananii


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