Cornus kousa

Scientific name: Cornus kousa


Common names: “Kousa dogwood”

Plant Type: Deciduous tree or shrub


Zone: 5-8

Light: Full sun – semi-shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Humus fertile, neutral – acidic

Moisture: Moist well drained, requires summer irrigation


Plant Size: H 22′ W 15′ slow growing

Leaf and Stem shape: Oval leaves turning reddish-purple in autumn

Flower: Tight clusters of small white flowers surrounded by four large oval cream bracts and followed by strawberry-like deep pink fruit clusters

Pruning: Plant in a place where it won’t need any, just remove DDD’s

Maintenance: Medium – low, requires summer irrigation, shallow rooted with no taproot so easy to transplant

Landscape use: Flower borders, roadside planting, small city gardens, good against a conifer background

Propagate: By cuttings or grafting

Pests & Disease: Less suseptible to anthracnose compared to other dogwoods, disease resistant

Comments: Native to China, Japan and Korea, elegant

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: C. k. ‘Wolf Eyes’ , C. k. ‘Summer Fun’ , C. k. ‘John Slocock’ , C. k. var. chinensis ‘Wisley Queen’ , C. k. ‘Miss Satomi’


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