Actinidia deliciosa

Scientific name: Actinidia deliciosa



Common names: “Kiwi vine”

Plant Type: Deciduous vine


Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered from winter winds

Soil: Fertile humus rich

Moisture: Moist well drained, frequent irrigation


Plant Size: 30′ H & W

Leaf and Stem shape: Stout shoots covered in red-brown hairs and broadly ovate, heart-shapped, mid-green leaves

Flower: clusters of usually two to three creamy white flowers in mid summer, followed by ovoid-oblong, bristly-skinned, greenish brown fruit on female plants

Pruning: Prune hard on January 1st and again in July, or prune the same time as grapes

Maintenance: High, needs strong support, lots of pruning, harvesting, lots of watering, pick fruit in early winter and ripen indoors

Landscape use: Orchard, arbor, food forest, wall-side border, container

Propagate: By cuttings, layering and grafting

Pests & Disease: None in Victoria

Comments: The fussy leaves and branches are not very nice to brush against or work with but I’m sure it’s worth it

Cultivars: Actinidia arguta – “Hardy kiwi” – smooth skinned fruit, smooth leaves Z 3-8


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