Aquilegia spp. & cvs

Scientific name: Aquilegia spp. & cvs


Common names: “Columbine” “American bluebells” “cock’s foot” “culverwort” “God’s breath” “lion’s herb” “naked woman’s foot” “pigeon foot”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial


Zone: 4-8

Light: Semi-shade, some spp. prefer full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Fertile humus rich soil, sandy loam best

Moisture: Moist well drained, average


Plant Size: 2″-4’H & W, clump forming

Leaf and Stem shape: Long-stalked, ternately divided basal leaves

Flower: Erect, leafy stems bearing bell-shaped flowers with spreading, coloured sepals and petals with spurs, on branched stems, blue – purple – mauve – pink – white

Maintenance: Low, can cut back after flowering, can cut off seed heads to prevent seedlings

Landscape use: Flower beds, shrub underplanting, cottage garden

Propagate: By seed and division

Pests & Disease: Powdery mildew maybe and leaf miner

*Deer resistant ♥Attracts hummingbirds

Comments: Seed heads attract song sparrows (Juncos)

Cultivars: ~AGM winners: A. ‘Dove’ , A. ‘Bluebird’ , A. ‘Bunting’ , (Songbird Series) , A. f. ‘Georgia’ , A. ‘Alaska’ , A. ‘Florida’ , A. ‘Louisiana’ (State Series) , A. ‘Origami Yellow’ , A. ‘Origami Red and White’ (Origami Series) , A. canadensis , A. vulgaris ‘Nivea’ , A. chrysantha ‘Yellow Queen’ , A. bertolonii , A. coerulea A. flabellata var. pumila 

A. formosa – native to BC


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