Fallopia japonica

Scientific name: Fallopia japonica Previously Polygonum cuspidatum


Common names: “Japanese knotweed

Perennial invasive weed

Root system: Deep rhizomes down to 10′


Soil: Any moderately fertile

Moisture: Happy with good moisture and good drainage

Light: Semi-shade – Full sun

Location: Riverbeds, beside ponds and lakes, roadsides

Zone: 5


Leaf and Stem shape: Arching, hollow zigzaging stems to 8′ tall, with large simple alternating leaves

Flower: Showy panicles of female greenish white flowers in late summer

Landscape use: On BC invasive list

Pests & Disease: None

Comments: Do not plant!  Sometimes herbicide is the only option for this one and even with strong chemicals it may survive, edible young shoots


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