Genista pilosa

Scientific name: Genista pilosa


Common names: “Silky leaf woodwaxen” “Hardy dwarf broom”

Plant Type: Deciduous shrub


Zone: 6-9

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Any

Moisture: Very well drained


Plant Size: H 16″ W 3′

Leaf and Stem shape: Small silver green wooly leaves

Flower: Small golden yellow bloom

Pruning: Prune to shape, will not grow back if cut hard into old wood

Maintenance: Shear annually to maintain compact and low form

Landscape use: Over rock walls, foreground plant, groundcover

Propagate: By cuttings

doesn’t handle transplanting

Pests & Disease: None in Victoria

Comments: Not good for people with hayfever or pollin allergies, don’t buy if the plant is woody at the base

Cultivars: G. p. ‘Procumbens’ ~AGM winner , G. p. ‘Vancouver Island Gold’ – 7′ W groundcover


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