Arbutus menziesii

Scientific name: Arbutus menziesii

Synonym: Arbutus procera Douglas non Sol.


Common names: “Madrona” “Arbutus” “Tall strawberry tree”

Plant Type: Evergreen tree


Zone: 7

Light: Full sun – light shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Acidic, course rocky shallow soils

Moisture: Dry – summer drought, can be killed by irrigation


Plant Size: H 20-80′ W 20-25′

Leaf and Stem shape: Smooth reddish cinnamon-brown/green brown bark and glossy dark green leaves, whitish beneath

Flower: Terminal panicles of fragrant white, urn-shaped flowers in spring followed by small orange fruits in fall

Pruning: Do not prune

Maintenance: Low in optimum conditions, do not irrigate in summer, avoid root disturbance, avoid damage to lower trunk

Landscape use: Wallside borders, container? , native gardens, seaside

Propagate: By seed and cuttings (difficult)

Pests & Disease: Species under threat from abiotic stresses (urbanization, pollution, climate change) increased susceptibility to biotic stresses:

Leaves develop spots over fall and winter but not considered serious, root rot caused by phytophthora & canker disease are serious, diseases can be transmitted via the water table

Comments: Canada’s only native broadleaf evergreen tree, usually only found within 1-2 km from the ocean, protected species in BC


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