Iris siberica

Scientific name: Iris siberica


Common names: “Siberian iris” “Siberian flag”

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial, rhizomatous beardless iris


Zone: 4-9

Light: Full sun, fewer flowers in semi-shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Average

Moisture: Moist well drained, takes some drought


Plant Size: H 20″-4′ W spreading 2-4′

Leaf and Stem shape: Narrow grass-like foliage

Flower: Elegant blooms in spring, colours range from blue – purple – red – pink – yellow – white, 2-5 flowers per stem

Pruning: N/a

Maintenance: Requires dividing every 3-5 years to maintain good blooms

Landscape use: Flower beds, informal borders, coastal cottage, wallside gardens

Propagate: By division

Pests & Disease: None in Victoria

*Deer resistant ♥Attracts hummingbirds

Comments: Tough easy care plant

Cultivars: Most cvs. are hybrids of I. sibirica I. sanguinea

~AGM winning cvs.: I. s. ‘Harpswell Happiness’ , I. s. ‘Straberry Fair’ , I. s. ‘Shirley Pope’ , I. s. ‘Annemarie Troeger’ , I. s. ‘Silver Edge’ , I. s. ‘Wealden Butterfly’ , Peter Hewitt’ , I. s. ‘Hohe Warte’ , I. s. ‘Plissée’ , I. s. ‘Shaker’s Prayer’ , I. s. ‘Soft Blue’ , I. s. ‘Prussian Blue’ , I. s. ‘Berlin Ruffles’ , I. s. ‘Regency Belle’ , I. s. ‘Perfect Vision’


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