Prunus cerasifera ‘Pissardii’

Scientific name: Prunus cerasifera ‘Pissardii’


Common names: “Purple leafed plum” “Pissard plum”

Plant Type: Deciduous tree


Zone: 6-8

Light: Full sun best, dappled shade ok

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered

Soil: Average soil fertility

Moisture: Moist well-drained


Plant Size: H 50′ W 50′

Leaf and Stem shape: Deep blackish-purple twigs and leaves

Flower: Pale pink-white, solitary flowers, blooms in March before leaves

Pruning: Summer prune only! Can make into a 20′ tree or even a short 2′ shrub

Maintenance: Regular pruning

Landscape use: Orchards, hedges, screening

Propagate: By cuttings

Pests & Disease: Cherry bark tortrix are killing these trees, caterpillars nibble on the leaves

Comments: Dark edible plums, named after Jean Pissard, most commonly planted plum tree in Victoria

Cultivars: P.c. ‘Nigra’ – “black cherry plum”, has darker flowers, leaves and twig cambium ~AGM winner


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