Acer palmatum ‘sango-kaku’

Scientific name: Acer palmatum ‘sango-kaku’

Synonym: A. p. ‘senkaki’ , A. p. var. disectum ‘sango-kaku’


Common names: “coral bark maple” “Japanese maple”

Plant Type: Deciduous tree


Zone: 6-8

Light: Full sun – light shade

Exposure: Sheltered, out of hot sun and wind

Soil: Fertile, acidic or neutral

Moisture: Moist, well drained


Plant Size: H 20′ W 15′

Leaf and Stem shape: 5 lobed leaves, young bark is a dramatic orange-red

Flower: Purple-red corymbs, fruits red samaras

Pruning: If necessary, prune in June-July or else it will bleed

Maintenance: If roots surface mulch them, thumb prune dead branches, prone to twig dieback, grows slowly, low maintenance

Landscape use: Japanese gardens, brings deep reds to the landscape

Propagate: By grafting or softwood cuttings

Pests & Disease: Fungal diseases, black cankers, aphids may be a problem

Comments: Difficult to grow but easy to maintain once established


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