Calopsis paniculata

Scientific name: Calopsis paniculata

Synonym: Restio paniculatus


Common names: “restio” “cape reed”

Plant Type: Herbaceous evergreen perennial


Zone: 8-11 (hardy to -9° C)

Light: Full sun

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Heavy acidic loamy soil

Moisture: Well-drained evenly moist, found beside rivers and streams in native habitat but will not grow well with wet conditions in colder climates


Plant Size: H 3′-10′ W 5′-6′

Leaf and Stem shape: Upright clumps of grass-like flowers, leaves and reed-like stems

Flower: Feathery texture

Pruning: Only prune DDD

Maintenance: Old stems may be removed, low maintenance

Landscape use: Patio and container plants, grassy gardens, green in winter, space 3′-4′ apart

Propagate: By seed after soaking for 24 hours in warm water, divide rhizomes in early spring

Pests & Disease: Prone to white fly and red spider mites in greenhouses

Comments: Generally only germinate in the wild by fire, native to South Africa & Australia



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