Aucuba japonica ‘gold dust’

Scientific name: Aucuba japonica ‘gold dust’


Common names: “aucuba” “Japanese laurel”

Plant Type: Evergreen shrub


Zone: 6-10

Light: Partial shade – deep shade, may sunburn in hotter climates but tolerates full sun in Victoria

Exposure: Exposed or sheltered

Soil: organic soils

Moisture: Well drained, moist, will not grow in waterlogged soil, handles summer drought once established



Plant Size: H 6′-8′ W 6′-8′

Leaf and Stem shape: Gold spotted simply leathery glossy leaves up to 8″ long

Flower: 4 purple petals with 4 yellow stamens in males, females produce red or yellow 1/2″ berries

Pruning: Can be pruned down to 4″ from ground, often requires hard pruning twice a year in April and again in July

Maintenance: Mulch in colder winters, remove all old growth every spring as it grows fast

Landscape use: Background plant, good container plant, indoor plant

Propagate: From cuttings, can be grown from seed with less predictable outcomes.

Pests & Disease: suety mold, scale insects, deer candy

Comments: Recommended to buy smaller plants,

Cultivars: 3 different varieties are ~AGM winners:

A. j. ‘golden king’ (m/v) , A. j. ‘Rozannie’ (f/m) & A. j. ‘crotonifloia’ (f/v)

A. j. ‘variegata’ – Red Seal plant

A. j. ‘picturata’ – has a bigger single gold splotch in the centre of the leaves


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