Adiantum venustum

Scientific name: Adiantum venustum


Common names: “Himalayan maidenhair fern” “Evergreen maidenhair”

Plant Type: Herbaceous evergreen perennial


Zone: 5-8

Light: Full shade – partial shade

Exposure: Sheltered

Soil: Humus rich, moderately fertile

Moisture: moist, well drained, can withstand short periods of drought


Plant Size: H 6″ W spreading ground-cover

Leaf and Stem shape: Lacy, triangular 3 pinnate leaves, on wiry black stalks

Flower: none

Pruning: Not required but for aesthetics

Maintenance: Cut dead stalks to the ground or not if soil protection is of importance, will grow back if all stalks cut back, best done early before new shoots emerge.  Low maintenance

Landscape use: Groundcover under shrubs and trees, winter interest

Propagate: By spores or rhizomes

Pests & Disease: none in Victoria

*Deer resistant?

Comments: Native to the Himalayas, new growth is pinkish, almost epiphytic (can grow in trees)



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