Skimmia japonica

Scientific name: Skimmia japonica


Common names: “skimmia”

Plant Type: Evergreen shrub


Zone: 7-9

Light: partial shade – turns yellow (chlorotic) if grown in a too sunny spot

Soil: Acidic humus rich fertile soil

Moisture: moist, well drained, can handle minor drought when mature


Plant Size: H 2′-6′ W 2′-6′

Leaf and Stem shape: Aromatic leathery leaves

Flower: White or yellowish flowers followed, most have male and female flowers on separate plants but they can be hermaphroditic, blooms in spring

skimmia 'Rubella'

Pruning: None required unless for DDD, crowding or shaping

Maintenance: Low maintenance

Landscape use: Woodland plant, excellent for container gardens, if berries are desired plant 1 male for every 7 females

Propagate: By hardwood cuttings in autumn

Pests & Disease: Fungal disease rhizoctonia, citrus red mites, stippled leaves, scale insects & spider mites

*Deer resistant

Comments: Male flowers tend to be more fragrant, attracts humming birds!


Skimmia japonica subspecies reevesiana – hermaphroditic and compact 2’H 2-3′ W

S. j. ‘kew green’ – has pale cream berries

S. j. ‘rubella’ ‘rubidor’ – male forms with dark red flowers

S. j. ‘rubella’ (m), ‘Nymans’ & ‘fragrans’: ~AGM winners


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