Deer Resistant Plants! · Shrub

Lonicera fragrantissima

Scientific name: Lonicera fragrantissima Family: CAPRIFOLIACEAE Common names: “Winter honeysuckle” “Sweetest honeysuckle” Plant Type: Deciduous/Semi-evergreen shrub Conditions: Zone: 4-8 Light: Full sun – part shade, less flowers in shade Exposure: Sheltered or exposed Soil: Any soil, acid-alkaline Moisture: Evenly moist, well drained Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 6′-10′ W 6′-10′ Leaf and Stem shape: Simple ovate opposite leaves,… Continue reading Lonicera fragrantissima

Deer Resistant Plants! · Drought Resistance · Shrub

Jasminum nudiflorum

Scientific name: Jasminum nudiflorum Synonym: Jasminum sieboldianum Family: OLEACEA Common names: “Winter jasmine” Plant Type: Deciduous shrub Conditions: Zone: 6-10 Light: Full sun – partial shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Average soil, acid-alkaline Moisture: Well-drained, moderately drought resistant Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 12′ W 7′ Leaf and Stem shape: Arching green shoots with glossy, opposite dark green leaves in… Continue reading Jasminum nudiflorum


Hamamelis mollis

Scientific name: Hamamelis mollis Family: HAMAMELIDACEAE Common names: “Chinese witch hazel” Plant Type: Deciduous shrub Conditions: Zone: 5-8 Light: Full sun – part shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Fertile acidic-neutral Moisture: Moist well-drained soil Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 10′-15′ W 10′-15′ Leaf and Stem shape: Broad oval leaves which may or may not fall in winter, pushed off… Continue reading Hamamelis mollis

Deer Resistant Plants! · Perennial

Iris unguicularis

Scientific name: Iris unguicularis Synonym: Iris stylosa Family: IRIDACEAE Common names: “Winter iris” “Algerian iris” Plant Type: Evergreen rhizomatous perennial Conditions: Zone: 7-9 Light: Full sun Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Alkaline – neutral well drained soil, grows well in poor soils, fertile soils will produce more foliage but less flowers Moisture: Can tolerate dry summers under trees Aesthetic: Plant Size: H… Continue reading Iris unguicularis

Perennial · Spring Ephemeral

Cyclamen coum

Scientific name: Cyclamen coum Synonym: Cyclamen orbiculatum Family: PRIMULACEAE Common names: “Winter cyclamen” “eastern cyclamen” Plant Type: Tuberous perennial, Spring ephemeral Conditions: Zone: 5-9 Light: Full sun to Shade Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Moderately fertile, humus-rich well-drained soil Moisture: Evenly moist soil that is not wet but does not dry out either Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 2-3″ W 2-4″… Continue reading Cyclamen coum

Weeds & Invasive Plants

Poa annua

Scientific name: Poa annua Family: POACEAE Common names: “Annual bluegrass” “low spear grass” Plant type: Annual weed Root system: Shallow fibrous Conditions: Soil: compacted, very acidic-alkaline Moisture: Moist – well drained Light: Semi-shade – full sun Location: Lawns and garden beds Aesthetic:   Comments: Dies in summer heat, leaving bare patches in lawns.  1 plant produces 350 seeds,… Continue reading Poa annua